Mario Lanza Legend Contest

Final Concert 20 september 2021

CASA DELLA MUSICA Parma, Piazzale San Francesco 1

Parma musicfilm festival



2021 is the CENTENARY of the birth of the Italian-American tenor MARIO LANZA, defined as the “American Caruso” but also the "Caruso in Tecnicolor", considered his artistic career more linked to cinema than to theater.

MGM hired him when he was taking his first steps in the temple of opera, the theater. This did not allow him to fulfill his dream and that is to be recognized by the public and critics as a tenor.

But, in addition to being a pioneer in bridging the gap between opera and pop music, he was an inspiration to great tenors such as Domingo, Carreras, Pavarotti and many others.

Thanks to MGM, however, we can still admire films that will remain forever in the history of cinema as well as in the hearts of the many fans around the world who love Mario Lanza:

The best known interpretation of him is that of the film "The Great Caruso" (1951)

But let's remember:

The Midnight Kiss (1949)

Toast of New Orleans (1950)

Because You Are Mine (1952)

The Student Prince (1954)

Serenade (1956)

Arrivederci Roma (1958)

Come prima (1959


Our festival wants to give homage to this great tenor, as well as an actor, by celebrating the centenary of his birth with a singing contest titled to Mario Lanza and the final concert will take place on the day of the inauguration of the film festival, 20th September 2021. In addition, meetings and projections dedicated to Mario Lanza will be announced in the program of the event.