VI edition from 17 to 23 september 2018

Coordination & Management: ParmaoperartArt Direction: M° Riccardo J. Moretti

CASA DELLA MUSICA Parma, Piazzale San Francesco 1

Parma OperArt, in association with the Department of Culture / City Hall of Parma is proud to delighted to announce the Sixth Edition of PARMA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FILM FESTIVAL from 17th till 23rd September 2018

The international competition will reward the best soundtrack, then the best film music composer who will receive the Grand Prix “VIOLETTA D’ORO” (Golden Violette), a flower that is the symbolof Parma.

In addition to the first prize, the Violetta d'Oro, will be assigned the “Violetta d'Argento” to the best movie, and Honorable Mentions to best photography, best actor, best script, best short film. “Special Award Luigi Malerba” to the best script of short film, “Special Award MUP” to the best italian production.

In addition a “Art-Pop Jury Award” and a “Special Award for Dance Category – short film”.

The purpose of this initiative is not only pointing out to the audience recent and important features, but also underlining the value of a musical score as an essential element for the poetry and the success of a movie itself. Besides, the contest will be a chance for film makers and producers to show their own works to a various audience and to a high-qualified international jury.

Film makers and producers who will participate in our festival also have the opportunity to sell their productions to European Tv or Italian Tv, or other networks, and Parma OperArt will take care of the negotiation for the distribution by means of its Tv distributor.

In addition of the section about feature films, it has been included also a section concerning short films, that will participate in the contest for a dedicated award.

The attendance is open to feature films and videos of any nationality, subject and length (musical productions but also

dramatic films, comics, historical or Tv productions, short film with Dance, etc).

Award Ceremony will take place at Salone San Paolo on September 23rd 2018 at 8.30pm with Dinner Gala, at which all producers or directors who have their film in nomination will be invited. The deadline for the subscription is June 30th 2018.


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