from 19th to 24th September, 2022.

CASA DELLA MUSICA Parma, Piazzale San Francesco 1

Parma musicfilm festival


The international photo competition aims to create a film short with the best selected works. The short film will be presented at the Parma film festival, which takes place from 19th to 24th September, 2022.

With this initiative we want to create a link between photography and cinema, the seventh art, and from this the competition takes its title: “FF7.0”. It is a great opportunity for professional and non-professional photographers to see their work as part of a film production. 

The theme of this first edition is the environment: pollution, environmental degradation. The world is suffocating in a slow agony, every day tons of plastic and waste of all kinds end up in the sea; the air, water and food are often polluted. Most people are slipping this problem off and our planet is dying.

We want to try to document and sensitize the public to this issue through your photos and the video we will make with them.

You can participate with a single photograph or even with several photographs, even a chronological series of images.


A jury of experts will select the finalist photos that will be used for editing the short film and an absolute prize will be awarded to the winner of the best photo from a technical, emotional and content point of view.


Registration deadline: July 15th, 2022